Is the phrase, “You ate it; now negate it” in her vocabulary? I think not; however, she does just this on a continual basis.

Gym membership? No. Jazzersize? Perhaps. Yardwork – yes. Gardening – yes. You won’t see dirty dishes in the sink or piles of clean laundry waiting to be folded lying on the bed or couch.

Put quite simply, in the words of my own grandmother, “You do what you have to do.” I will add to that the invisible modifier; “when it needs to be done.” Continual motion. Getting things done without so much of a complaint or skipping of a beat. Sure; no tweeting, no Netflix, Youtube, staring at a flat rectangle phone.

There is one thing I have noticed about old ladies that strikes me, and I think many of you have seen it yourself. If you go to their house for a visit, or if they are hosting a party, even if not in their home, I see them stoop. Just bend over and pick up tiny specks off the floor. Lint, crumbs, paper bits are all hitting their radar like trashy coins of a Super Mario game. They pick them up. They throw them in the trash. All of this while having a conversation, like it is a first nature to do it. Meanwhile, others of us who may be quite younger would see the debris and think, “I need to run the vacuum later, or better yet, (in my own case), I need to run Neato. Rumba applies in this situation also. But not for an old lady! She’s burning extra calories every single day without scheduling or agonizing over it.